Soulistic Serene Selections Variety Pack Wet Cat Food, 3 oz., Count of 12


Nourish your cat’s body and soul with Soulistic natural grain-free cat food. Soulistic cat food specializes in creating a nutritional blend that reflects a human food style so that you know that what you are feeding your cat is just as healthy as what you eat as well. Soulistic Original Recipes are loaded with shreds of protein such as boneless, skinless white breast meat chicken or lean fish loins and feature delicious toppers like pumpkin or hand placed shrimp or tuna making these recipes ideal for cats that like shreds of meat.

Variety pack filled with four of your favorite Soulistic recipes: Aqua Grill, Nautical Nirvana, Pure Bliss, and Sweet Salutations. 4 recipes, 3 of each
Flaked, shredded and minced recipes in a delicious gravy provide high moisture to maintain cats hydrated and healthy
Grain, Gluten, MSG, and GMO free. Preservative free and made with no artificial flavors or colors
All fish are wild caught, dolphin and sea turtle safe and responsibly sourced. Made with cage free chicken that contain no added hormones or antibiotics
Made in a human food facility
Soulistic is proudly made by Weruva, a family owned company
Soulistic cat food is available exclusively through Petco



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