Hip Doggie Deluxe Single Door Pop Tent Pet Bed

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Hip Doggie luxurious bed condo. This amazing bed is truly a safe house and panic room for your pet. Perfect for that little burrower! Sleep, hang out, hide out and store toys in this fantastic bed condominium. This bed can fold down into a traditional bed and can “pop up” into a house! High quality wall to wall soft micro-velvet and micro velvet pillow make this truly luxurious. High quality memory foam walls mean it will always hold its shape and will last! Best house bed on the market and great for cats or dogs.

Bed Type: Enclosed
Features: High quality soft micro velvet, High quality memory foam walls, Can fold down into regular bed or pop up into the house, Sleep, Hang out, Hide out & Store toys in this fantastic personal space
Color: Pink & Brown
Environment: Indoor
Dimensions: Folded down: 16″L x 14″W x 8″H, Popped up: 16″L x 14″W x 15″H
Interior Material: High quality memory foam
Exterior Material Top: High quality soft micro velvet
Exterior Material Bottom: High quality soft micro velvet
Cleaning Instructions: Washable pillow & House bed is spot wash only



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